Starter Deck- White

Starter Deck- White

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Yes, even the Irish.

The most precious possession you have is your own people. No force in history has ever defeated the White Cards when they were united. Heroes, chads, spergs, boomers, and more must stand together against the greatest existential threat the White Deck has ever faced.

Individualism is GAY. Embrace collectivism like every other functioning deck that wants you dead.  Unite the virtues of defensive and offensive cards to form an unbreakable line that will last 1,000 years!

Your greatest virtue is your greatest weakness. Do not let the enemy atomize you! Even the most eugenic White Card is helpless when left alone on the field. Keep your comrades close and work together to secure the existence of the White Deck!

Let the night come. Your people were born in the ice and snow. Keep the flame lit, White-card-player, and drive back the dark.

Til Valhalla!


20 playable cards, 10 mana, 1 rule booklet

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