Starter Deck- Brown

Starter Deck- Brown

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Brown Cards might not be good at inventing things, or organized warfare, or taking care of they kids, or staying out of jail, or getting a job, or reading, or math, or swimming, or speaking their native language properly, or bathing, or maintaining infrastructure white people built for them, or being the president, or saving money, or designing card games... 


There sure are a lot of them.

Unleash your horde of infinity [Africans] upon the colonizers. Swarm the field with cheap, expendable cards. You can always make more.

Show these high IQ havin' ass bitches who runs the jungle. Dominate the early game and destroy civilization before it even begins.

Beware the White man's magic!  Since brown cards are incapable of inventing even the fucking wheel, your opponent will inevitably gain the upper hand as the game goes on. End him quickly! 

*Secret Pro Tip* Anytime your opponent kills a Brown Card, just burn down a major city. He will eventually stop.


20 playable cards, 10 mana, 1 rule booklet

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