Starter Deck- Red

Starter Deck- Red

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All are equal in death.

The Black Bloc Footsoldier has no regard for human life (or private property). The pleas of the innocent are only a mild irritation to your Red machine.

You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs... Sacrifice your own comrades to fuel the elite and trigger powerful effects! Drown the bourgeoisie in a sea of blood. Soldiers die, it matters not if it is by your bullets or theirs.

Not one step back! Under Communist rule, it is more dangerous to retreat than to attack. Do not feel attached to your weaker cards. Use them as you would coal in a furnace. Just be wary! The proletariat are numerous, but not infinite.

Defend the powerful at all costs! Your legion of useful idiots is nothing without the cold vision of the revolutionary elite. How can we be equal if our leaders aren't forcing us to be?  If the enemy severs the head of your iron serpent (not a dick joke), your radicalized mobs will just go back to smoking [redacted] and sodomizing each other or whatever the fringes of society do without a revolutionary movement to LARP as.

Harden your heart. The workers of the world will be liberated, whether they like it or not.


20 playable cards, 10 mana, 1 rule booklet

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