Starter Deck- Black

Starter Deck- Black

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Subvert your enemy.

What black cards lack in physical prowess, they make up for in rat-like cunning. 

All the wealth of the world belongs rightfully to you. Control the flow of currency and manipulate your opponent's mana to your advantage. 

Put the anti-Semites in their place with your bag of Jewish tricks. De-platform, bully, and deny your opponent's basic human rights to stall their development.

Like the wandering Jew, entering a new country after you were exiled from the last one for literally no reason, you are weak in the beginning. Let the goyim become lazy in their arrogance. Survive till the end-game, and it will take all the forces of the world to stop you.

Your meek, insidious deck is destined to inherit the Earth. Shake the dust, black-card-player. White-card-players exist only to serve you.


20 playable cards, 10 mana, 1 rule booklet.

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