Booster Pack- This Time the Trailer Park

Booster Pack- This Time the Trailer Park

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There is Nowhere Left To Run From The Agenda.

As an apocalyptic ethnic conflict consumes the planet, not a single neighborhood remains untouched- Not even the Shady Pines Trailer Court.

Employ a Diversity of Tactics.

Strengthen your hand with new cards and powerful effects.  Utilize clever combos to increase the playability of your desired faction.

The Black Card Player Laughs Out Loud While He Strikes.

With hilarious new characters and descriptions, radicalization has never been more fun.  Maintain plausible deniability while you indoctrinate your friends!

"Its just funny memes bro! Did you read that crime statistic?"



25 never before seen cards from all different factions.

Updated V1.1 Rulebook.